Saturday, February 14, 2009

Working on Photography Tutorial

♥ ♥ Happy Heart Day ♥ ♥
A few updates!
I'm still working on a pictured tutorial for taking better pictures using natural lighting (sunlight) that I'm planning to be up this weekend. The tricks and suggestions are simple and the tools I use I can guarantee you will have in your home.

For now here is a piece I finished just for fun. I really like the clean look of a half drilled semi-precious stone. I can let the bead be the main character of the piece, and there are no wires that need to support in it's roll to stay adhered. I'm uncertain if I'll continue doing jewelry this way but thought I'd share my results. What do you think? Would it fit in my shop?


  1. It is beautiful and of course it fits in your shop. I like the simplicity of the single bead with your wire work...

  2. It will totally fit in your wonderful shop and I love the piece. I am excited about the tips on photos also! Your blog is really nice, good work!