Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Passionate Pondering Artist

Recently in this photo I noticed a small detail, that today has become so big. Not yet two, this little crayon has legitimized my crazy passion as an adult ... to endlessly create.

As an artist (I think I can speak for many of us) I constantly doubt myself whether I should pursue my lifelong passion, or go back to corporate world where I earned a stable living as an art director.

I know I'm very capable of 'making it' in the handmade world, because frankly, I have A LOT of DAMN good ideas! So far, where to advertise has been my greatest challenge, but with a heart so filled with passion and perseverance, obstacles will be overcome with a style that only an artist can claim.

Follow me in my quest as the passionate artist. You can always see my newest creations at my shop.


  1. From being in your shop..yes you do have Damn Good Ideas...Just keep at day you will be surprised because everything just came together at the same time....Sweet Baby

  2. thanks so much for coming by my blog and for your words of encouragement. That pic of you is so sweet! My daughter is about that age now and she is forever coloring. I hope that she's a little creative being and can't wait to see what she dreams up. I'm off to check out your shop curious!