Saturday, February 21, 2009

Family Frenzy

Take chances,
make mistakes,
get messy!

-Ms. Frizzle, The Magic School Bus

My 9Year Old - His passion is for Robots!

My 6 Year Old - His passion is for Old War Planes
Art and children; The two are a perfect match. There's NOTHING that makes me happier than being with children who create with their little hands and big hearts. It's so precious, when they ask, "What should I do"? I usually just tell them, "What ever and however you want!" For some it brings on a bit of anxiety, others welcome the freedom. It's all about the mess and learning from it! That's why I LOVE Ms. Frizzle.

Ms. Frizzle is kind of my hero ... even though she's a cartoon character; I've always admired her famous phrase "Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!" I personally would have put "get creative" in there, but I'm happy with the positive messages that she constantly quoted to her classroom.

I wanted to share with you the greeting cards that my 9 and 6 year old are making that we have been listing on my etsy shop. Both have sold one set each! They drew their pictures and I photocopied the originals onto a thicker stock so we could prepare for watercolor. They painted most of their characters, but they told me to "Pretty them up".

This has been a great experience for all of us. Just today, my 9 year old has been working all day on necklaces and bracelets and told me he wants to have an ETSY shop by end of day Sunday.
Hmmm, we need to talk more...


  1. That is great. I wish all my students had parents like you. The more involved and encouraging their homelife is, the better they do in school and beyond. You should be so proud of yourself. My 14 year old daughter made $300 to benefit Mental Health Awareness in North Dakota over the last few months. It is so good to see them do good. Visit anytime.


  2. These cards are awesome! And I love the idea that your son wants a shop of his own - you must be setting a good and inspiring example. I'm enjoying your blog, Cathy. :)

  3. Awesome cards!! I love that you are encouraging your kiddos to get messy ;)

  4. This is a sweet post! I love that your kids are so involved (wish mine were still home to do the same)!

  5. Awesome Mom to allow her boys to be so creative in any way they like.