Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rosie's Wire Guys

Look at this cute packaging!
Somehow my 6 year old got hold of the toy popper, and what do boys do? **
POP** What better way to celebrate the newest addition to my art collection!? All wrapped in Rosie's personalized tissue paper and sticker was this cute party popper, some lovely postcards, an oversized postcard showing great onstage pictures of her AWESOME theater house called "Rosie's Broadway Kids", and of course, "Wire Guys". 100% of the proceeds of every single sale in Rosie's ETSY shop goes directly to Rosie's Broadway Kids.
Introducing "Wire Guys" by Rosie O'Donnell
The shadow is art in itself. Beautiful!
"Wire Guys' new home for now. I LOVE to collect art that I connect to, and I'm quite fond of wire. The two paintings that you see in the background are done by one of my favorite local artists, Catherine Langer from Minnetonka, Minnesota.


  1. Cute wire statue. I like the shadow, too. I didn't realize Rosie had an Etsy shop. Interesting.