Thursday, February 12, 2009

My 'Luckey' Dog

This is Luckey!
Our family adopted Luckey November of 2007 and she is a part of our family! Luckey's first mom moved into a home that didn't allow dogs, so my animal loving FIL called us up and informed us that a certain 6 year old Golden Retriever named Luckey needed a home! Well, here she is. We're all Lucky!!

Today Luckey wants to play, and I need to work on taking photos of my work!

Luckey telling me she wants to play ball.
Sad Luckey. "I will play later!"

After I take my picks and play with Luckey, I will be listing new jewelry! Don't forget to look at my etsy shop.


  1. Luckey is adorable. Dogs have a way of pouting and making us go play don't they?

  2. What a sweet dog. It's it strange how they can make you feel quilty, like a small child, when you don't drop everything and play with them...

  3. Luckey is my favorite Grand Dog!!!