Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Greening

A few of my Friday Favorites. Spring is here, and I'm celebrating the color green and the smell of spring.

At sixty miles per hour - flariat

Laura at flariat not only is a talented photographer, she is a wonderful writer! Here is a bit I took from her profile.

"The prairies are my muse and my soul. I cannot imagine a more veritable expression of who I am. The prairie is life giving for me and I identify with it – my spirit, like the prairie landscape, is at once fragile and sturdy." -Laura, flariat

Her shop images are dreamy and a visual treat. Be sure to visit, because flariat just opened her shop this month! WELCOME!

Green Wrap Bracelet by pufflunaJulie at puffluna has this whimsical bracelet listed in her etsy shop that just made me gasp! It's simple, elegant, fun and a wonderful reminder that spring is here! Puffluna has a unique collection of jewelry with czech glass, vintage glass beads, Swarovski crystals and more surprises. Be sure to check her shop out because she also has Mother's Day Gift ideas!

Radiant Daffodil Earrings - ShopClementineIn Cassie's jewelry from ShopClementine, metals and gemstones flirt and combine, emphasizing the feminine and the dramatic. Beauty in form and comfortable wearability are hallmarks of Clementine design. ShopClementine has the most alluring and graceful collection, all are limited editions and one-of-a-kind pieces. Be sure to check out her extensive earring collection!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cutest PEAR Trivia

The pear is an edible pomaceous fruit, which means the pear is a type of fruit produced by flowering plants. And... the top 3 producers of pears is China, Italy and then the United States. Interesting trivia, but I just like to eat them!

I wanted to introduce you to some of the cutest Etsy pears out there!

First is PetitPlat. St├ęphanie makes the most adorable and very edible looking, jewelry and miniatures made from polymer clay. You really must take a look at her store, because it's deliciously adorable. If you don't purchase something, I can guarantee you will leave hungry!
A Pear of Pairs eeehm... a Pair of Pears - Dangle Earrings
Welcome pinpinn! Rebekah just opened her store in January and in her etsy shop she offers unique and quirky pincushion, just like the pear pincushion here. How delicious are these? Not only could I see these in my studio, but I can see them used as a stylish home decoration. Be sure to check her brilliant selection of pincushion, including one that looks like a Rubix Cube!

The Perfect Pear Pincushion

For the love of pears! I just can't stop making them. You can also check Whimsy Wire & Wool for more pear decorations.

The Wooly PearOH! And I got all of my fascinating trivia from wikipedia, the cyber-encyclopedia of the universe.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

DON'T FORGET. matchy matchy

Did you forget something?
Perhaps you need a subtle reminder?
Why not wear something stylish to the outsider,
but to you, it's just a cute cover up....
DON'T FORGET. sterling silver wire bow ring
DON'T FORGET. sterling silver bow wire earrings
I finally did it, and now you can get a matching set!
Here are the earrings and a ring of my DON'T FORGET, series. Whimsy Wire & Wool.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Copper Pretties

I just realized that it's been a WHOLE week since I've posted. Oops, but I still wanted to share my new copper pretties I've been working on. I will soon have these listed at my etsy shop Whimsy Wire & Wool.
GARDEN PANSY. copper necklace with charms and crystal

PEAR ME UP. copper pear pendant and glass beads

DON'T FORGET. copper bow pendant double necklace

Monday, April 13, 2009


I just had to pop in some of my garden photos for selfish reasons. I just love to look at them! Pictures like this keep me going, knowing MY earth will be filled once again with nature's gifts of beauty.
Concrete butterfly from estate sale. To me there's nothing better that reusing.
My Buddha frog. He watches out for my family in one of my front urns. I received him 14 years ago as a housewarming gift from a dear friend I've known since kindergarten. In many religions the frog also symbolizes creativity and forward thinking. Hmmm, I just thought he was kinda cute, but if he can help me with creativity and forward thinking maybe I should get him a mate?
The sign below says "Welcome". I made it (recycled) from an old beautiful pine cabinet door from a friend who ripped it out her basement. You can see the top hinge at the top. The bucket is my great grandmothers.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Egg Hunt

Happy Easter from LUCKEY!
All members of the family had a great time egg hunting this morning! NO chocolate for you Ms. Luckey!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yoga Wire

When I first started practicing Ashtanga yoga about 3 years ago, I was so moved by the process, I created a series of mini wire sculptures. 'Vrksasana' (tree pose) was the first of the series.

To me, wire and Ashtanga yoga are very similar; Each movement is fluid and strong yet vulnerable. The movement is a beautiful dance. The philosophy of how my thoughts and actions in the the universe affect ALL has been the most life-changing aspect for me.
What was so profound for you to NEED to create?


If live or are ever in the Minneapolis area, check out OmMotion Yoga Studio for a practice.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Anxious Garden

My garden is starting to wake up from winter, yawning it's stems towards the sun. I'm all giddy and ready to welcome my dormant friends. It's not much of a presence, but it's enough for me to know spring is really here, and soon, summer will follow.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

♥ Saturday's Feature

On a Roll - Handmade Accessories and Organizers

Etsy no doubt has some of the most talented artisans! Many of them really think about
"Where there's a need, FILL IT"! Literally! designs and creates these sweet, adorable yet functional knit accessories to "cozy" up your electronics and even your morning cup of coffee! Check out On a Roll's etsy shop. She also have a wonderful blog where many artists with a unique eye for design are featured.

Robin Egg Blue iPod Cozy

Hot Pink Cup Cozy

Go to On a Roll at to find more Handmade Accessories and Organizers!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Punchy Earrings

My love for copper just gets stronger the more I work with it. I love the fluidity of movement, the color and yes, even the tangy smell. Here I combined copper disks and sterling silver to make these 'Punchy' elegant yet rustic earrings. Quite possibly one of my most favorite designs yet. Keep checking my shop for more similar styles at Whimsy Wire and Wool at etsy.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Micro-Mini Fruit and Veggies

I've been playing with different sizes of my fruit and veggies that I make out of 100% recycled knit wool sweaters. The Pear is 1 1/4", apple is 1 " and the little carrot is 2". They are really so cute!! Check out my shop at Whimsy Wire and Wool for other sizes.