Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some POP, some Jazz some Ooos and Ahhhs!

I've been very conscience about having items under $10 dollars, because face it, if I can buy something I need that's handmade, I will! Sure it may take a bit more time to arrive in my impatient hands, but I know if I buy from an artist, I can be sure it will arrive with some jazz, some POP, some oooos and ahhhhs but most of all QUALITY! Etsy is one place you can be sure to buy handmade and MANY items under $10 & $20 dollars!

TRESS GARDEN. copper bobby pins $8.
GLASS TOMOATOES. vintage red buttons on sterling $8.SHINY COTTON CANDY. pink vintage button with rhinstone $8.
VINTAGE GLEE. pink vintage plastic flower on bobby pins $5.


  1. Such great stuff! I'll give my ooh's and ah's. Nice plug for Etsy. It is a great place to shop.

  2. OOoohs and Aaahhhs for sure! Love all of it!