Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Minnesota, My Etsy Friends

The amazing journey of Etsy and some of my Etsy Minnesotan relationships!
Snack Bag and Sandwich Bag Set - Oilcloth

The first of four Minnesotan artists is Julie at her etsy shop, Julie Meyer. Julie loves making practical items look nice and that she does!! She sells the cutest 'Clean in Style Gloves' (ummm, cleaning might actually be 'fun'), lunch bags and so much more! All pieces are detailed and the workwomanship is top notch!

Topo in Brown - set of 4 Art Cards

What words can't describe, pictures will! This is an artist that really found a nitch and made it work! Marnie at Crafterall, designs the most magnificent cards, prints and fibers. Not to mention, we live in the same town (met through etsy:) and finally met at a local coffee shop in the beautiful lake town of Excelsior, MN. Marnie and I talked for THREE hours...oops, we had no idea we had gabbed and gushed that long.
Wire Bird Table Lamp

Jen, etsy store owner of Bird from a Wire is another artisan I found out is just minutes from my home that we met through etys. Look at this unique and wonderful lamp; You must go to her shop and see her whimsical wire sculptures and home decor. We also decided to meet at a coffee shop! Jen and I are both avid sketchers and writers and we laughed how both of us had our tattered sketchbnooks to 'take notes' as we chatted along. One amazing woman, and amazing work!!

4''x4'' Mini Masterpiece

Stephanie of One Gift One World is a dear friend. We met 3 years ago because our sons are in traveling soccer together. Little did we know each of us were artists and began our Etsy journey together. Stephanie is truly a gifted and creative individual and we learn so much from each other. Check Stephanie's shop out as she also does amazing pet portraits!!!


  1. And I am a better person for every hour that I know you! Thank you for being a source of inspiration, reflection, and laughter! I'm in need of another coffee fix soon...

  2. Thanks Cathy for including me in your group of Etsy friends and finds! I really enjoyed our chat and we HAVE to do it again sometime soon! Jen