Friday, July 3, 2009

Packaging by Whimsy Wire and Wool

Every time I package up a purchase from my shop, I dream about who I'm sending my little creations to. I really do adore my customers and I love to dazzle them! I've been told over and over to share what my packaging looks like (a general idea of how packaging looks), however I was a bit hesitant, because I really LOVE to surprise, but here I go....
I re-use packaging and other handsome boxes if possible. Look how great this Brie box with with a bit of twine is? So chic!


  1. I LOVE seeing these- you told me about it but they are too cute!

  2. It's like a gift within a gift! Cute!

  3. That's so cool!! It's interesting seeing what people send package's in. But I'm usually more interested in what's in the package. Love the top one though.