Wednesday, June 10, 2009


GATED HEART - bella's
My favorite Twilight blog Lauren's Bite is having a give-away... it's one of my pieces, Gated Heart!!!

All you have to do is go Lauren's Bite blog, make a comment to her '100th Post Week' and you'll get a chance to win one of my necklaces FREE! How much easier can that be?! So check out her fabulous, informative and funny blog about Twilight's Edward and Bella. You won't leave disappointed, in fact, perhaps a faster beating heart by getting glimpses of the spicy photos and information before the release of New Moon!

You have until June, 14th 9:00pm AZ time to enter!

About the pendant...

In book 2 of the Twilight series, "Breaking Dawn" Edward has left Bella. Bella describes many times as she deals with her loss that she has a hole in her heart.

This copper heart has many layers, just like the relationship Bella has with herself during Edwards departure. The bottom is a black empty heart, the middle is a heart with a soft oval hole that reveals the emptiness of Bella's heart. Then on top is a wire scrolling gate to keep Bella's emotions relatively in check, just as Bella does with her arms. For a final touch is the faceted glass bead...the many facets of Edward and Bella's uber complicated relationship.


  1. I was looking for this piece on your website- whimsywireandwoold. I couldn't find it though! Are you going to post it on the blog to sell? Because I really want it!

  2. Katie-
    It's just for the give-a-way at Lauren's Blog
    I'm sure I'll have something similar, but keep checking my shop:) Thanks for looking....


  4. That is amazing!! Love anything with hearts.