Tuesday, April 21, 2009

DON'T FORGET. matchy matchy

Did you forget something?
Perhaps you need a subtle reminder?
Why not wear something stylish to the outsider,
but to you, it's just a cute cover up....
DON'T FORGET. sterling silver wire bow ring
DON'T FORGET. sterling silver bow wire earrings
I finally did it, and now you can get a matching set!
Here are the earrings and a ring of my DON'T FORGET, series. Whimsy Wire & Wool.


  1. Those are so cute!! I love them! Unfortunately I can't wear silver. If you every make the earrings in 10K gold - let me know!!

  2. Love these bow wire earrings, such a simple yet elegant design!!!

  3. I love the ring. Is there any possible way I can get my own? I see your etsy shop is closed. :(