Monday, April 13, 2009


I just had to pop in some of my garden photos for selfish reasons. I just love to look at them! Pictures like this keep me going, knowing MY earth will be filled once again with nature's gifts of beauty.
Concrete butterfly from estate sale. To me there's nothing better that reusing.
My Buddha frog. He watches out for my family in one of my front urns. I received him 14 years ago as a housewarming gift from a dear friend I've known since kindergarten. In many religions the frog also symbolizes creativity and forward thinking. Hmmm, I just thought he was kinda cute, but if he can help me with creativity and forward thinking maybe I should get him a mate?
The sign below says "Welcome". I made it (recycled) from an old beautiful pine cabinet door from a friend who ripped it out her basement. You can see the top hinge at the top. The bucket is my great grandmothers.


  1. For a second there, I thought this is what your garden looks like now, and I was insanely jealous! I live down the street for you and I have two inches of tulip leaves - and that's it! :) Gorgeous gardens! And a great reminder indeed of what is to come - bring it on!

  2. Your blog is delightful! I hope it's ok if I keep coming back?

  3. wow - you have a beautiful garden!! can't wait for warmer weather!