Monday, April 6, 2009

Anxious Garden

My garden is starting to wake up from winter, yawning it's stems towards the sun. I'm all giddy and ready to welcome my dormant friends. It's not much of a presence, but it's enough for me to know spring is really here, and soon, summer will follow.


  1. I am so jealous. But I know my turn is coming. Then I will be cursing the grass for growing so fast!


  2. I'm jealous too!! My garden is still asleep under some snow!! We are supposed to get + temps this week, might be able to take pics of the garden minus the snow by the weekend.

  3. We have new growth popping up everywhere and the weather has been beautiful this weekend. If you enjoy gardening check out my other blog

    Just informing you that you have been tagged, participation as always is optional. Check out my lowellandson blog for details. Leslie

  4. That gives me faith that spring is really just around the corner. The apple trees behind our Apartment finally flowered this weekend. So pretty.